Website Mission and Vision

Dale Meyer

What I want to convey is how exciting it has been and is for me to study ideas that represent different views of what I now refer to as “timeless wisdom.” Actually what I have undertaken in the later years of my life is a rather random walk through time to become more aware of the perennial aspect of religious, spiritual, and philosophical pursuits of homo sapiens through known history. Joseph Campbell [one of my “tracks” of reading] has found similarities of the teaching processes of mythologies. Likewise other authors whom I have read see a common thread that can be found in the esoteric early formations of religions. I continue to study this thesis.

So dear reader, this website is a potpourri of ideas, religions, value systems, philosophies, through the minds of great and identified sages. Call me a “happy wanderer” and you are mostly correct. I wanted to share a few of my discoveries with whoever is curious just as am I. This is not an interactive blog but suggested additions for reading and viewing are very welcome.

A Modern Old Man of the Mountains

At this time in my life – after being a caring, focused, much published and awarded professor- once again I find myself at best a Freshman, a serious student amateur, [as I was told during a kind conversation with a Distinguished Professor of Phi losophy and Religious Studies]. My guess is that the vast majority of those who visit this Timeless Wisdom Project Website are much more well-read and knowledgeable about the content of my nearly 13 year trek in the perpetual wisdom world. Compassion is and, as I have discovered, has always been my primary undergirding value. I have created and included an extended bibliography that will indicate some of reading and DVDs this journey so far has included. In addition to summaries of readings you will find live interviews and conversations of the authors cited. The construction of this website was carefully designed to catch the interest of different people with diverse objectives. I hope that you find a reason to utilize something that fits your goals.

This website is a work-in-progress that will not end until the approaching time of my death. I hope to pass it on to one of my young close friends who desire to continue to contribute their own findings and concepts. I thank my friend and collaborator Gregg Lauer of Lauer Creative in Boulder Colorado for his creative expertise in web design and organizing content to make this experience easy for the web visitor to navigate.

Thank you for visiting.

Dale Meyer